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Brand Design

How to create together ?

The purpose of this shared library is to separate the creation of elements and the creation of user interfaces.
The library is used as a Sketch Library which once loaded can be used in any new sketch document.
To synchronise this shared library with all team members we use Plant App.

As for the rest of the design system everything is based on Atomic Design.

Sketch Libraries

Libraries allow easy access to Symbols across documents, but those Symbols can be updated from the Library so your designs are always up-to-date.

A Library is just an ordinary Sketch document that contains Symbols which you can then use in any other Sketch document. If you update any of those Symbols in your Library file, documents containing instances of those Symbols will receive a notification telling you that they can be updated. Here you can preview, check, and confirm changes — and by doing so, you can always ensure your documents are using the up-to-date copies of those components.

Full documentation

Plant app

Plant app is a version control tool made for sketch. We can sync our common library and always work with up-to-date version of components. Plant app work like git, you can push and pull modifications and resolve conflict.

How to get the synced Library ?

Get Plant app

Sign in with your account and create a new sketch file.
The Plant panel appear on the right side just before toolbar panel.

Click on a + icon to sync the project if you are in the team of Saagie Design System you see the following screen.

After clicking on "Get copy" button choose the location of you library. Now you have the synced version of Saagie Design System.

Now you need to turn your document as a Sketch Library file. To do this, open Sketch’s Preferences (Command-Comma), and navigate to the Libraries tab.

To add your document as a Library, click on the “Add Library…” button that appears on the bottom right of the preference window, and choose your document from your files. You will now be able to insert its Symbols in any other document.

Now you have a synced library and you can pull and push modifications !

Some Plant video tutorials